If only one painter of India is to be chosen for the display of his work, he would surely be Raja Ravi Varma.   

Raja Ravi Varma. (1848-1906 AD) achieved recognition for his masterly painted paintings of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and the scenes from the epics like  Mahabharata and Ramayana. His paintings are considered to be among the best examples of the masterly adept combination of Indian traditions with the techniques of European academic art.  

The paintings shown here display how the master artist had displayed the modesty of women through the colours and his masterly brush stokes. Each painting shows one or another woman-specific emotion expertly executed by Raja Ravi Varma.  

Raja Ravi Varma first took lessons in water colour under the guidance of another master and then became disciple of a British oil painter. 

The depiction of Hindu Gods and Goddess and the mythological stories was his favorite theme. He had executed his painting skill epic stories and characters. In 1873, as recognition of his skill, he won the First Prize at the Madras Painting Exhibition. But his popularity get the acknowledgement of the whole world when he received prize at Vienna Exhibition in 1873. He died in 1906 at the age of 58. He is considered as one among the greatest painters in the history of Indian art.